New Machining Business – Gun Parts

By   August 10, 2014

Here at Hudson’s we are moving into a new direction here and moving into the machining business. We have been a steady company in the woodworking industry for a long time now and we have decided that it would be best expand a little bit.

The main reason why we have decided to move into the machining is because we know that there is a ton of potential in making gun parts. Gun’s are a huge market today in the United States and we are trying to capitalize on this. The absolute most popular gun today is the Ar15 and that is what we are going to be focusing one. Since it is the most popular that is what we are going to focus on.

Some of the  most sought after items for the AR15 are really popular and that is what we will be making. We are going to start off with three different parts and maybe expand on those after that.

The first part that we are going to be making is the upper receiver. We will have ar 15 uppers for sale for a pretty good price. This is probably where will make most of our money because this is a very in demand item fr the gun.

Another part we will be making is the ar 15 fixed stock. We know that stock are a really popular item that a lots of people buy for their rifle. If we can make it better than everyone else ethen we will become the authority in this niche.


The last part that we will be making is ar15barrels. We know that a lot of people like to add barrels to their rifle and we can make a lot of money by making top notch barrels for the rifles.

Those are the three parts we will be making for the ar15 rifle to start but we will be expanding into other rifles once we get a foothold into the market. So be on the lookout for more gun parts to hit the market from Little Hands.

Hudsons Favorite Power Saws

By   March 29, 2014

Although I spend most of my days in my shop making things, I also like to get out and do some other activities. One of my favorite activities to do is shoot my mosin nagant rifle. I have a lot of other guns but the mosin nagant is my favorite. I have a really cool stock that I picked up from I also have a mosin nagant with scope which is really cool. I have a couple mosin nagant 91 30 accessories that I have also put on my rifle.

I have a lot of favorite tools but by far my favorite has to be power saws. Saws are needed on almost every single project that you get into, whether it be making a cabinet or building a house, a saw is always going to be something that you need to complete the job. Or at least complete the job properly!

So as you can probably see a power saw is essential if you want to efficiently get your job done and cut all of the things you need cut. There are a ton of different saws that you can buy and below I am going to list some of the top power saws in my opinion. Now, these might not be your favorite but from my experience these are the saws that are the best. So let us get into this list and if you have any questions just let me know.

The first saw on this list is the band saw, this is just a tool that every single wood worker should have in their workshop. This should also be the first saw that you buy since it will be able to make all of the cuts that you will need if you are a beginner woodworker. If you are looking for a new one then I suggest you check out the top band saw reviews from Wildfire Productions.

The next saw on the list is the miter saw, this is the perfect saw to compliment the band saw. The reason for this is because the miter saw will be able to make all of the tiny, cuts that the band saw wouldn’t be able to do. For the best miter saw reviews visit Wildfire Productions.

The last of my favorite power saws is the scroll saw, just a really good overall saw to have for your use. I would recommend this saw to anyone that is more of an advanced woodworker. Some top scroll saws can be found here.

Thanks for viewing my list of favorite saws, hopefully it has helped you out and if you need to read some more reviews just visit Wildfire Productions. There they will help you find the saw that best fits your needs.

Band Saw